We offer a house Cleansing service to those who need it. Book in-store or fill out the form below to hear back from us


We clear stagnant and negative energies, using real White Sage smudgers, candles, and Quartz/Tourmaline, to name a few of the tools/items.

Our house cleansers use specific Cleansing methods, that have been well researched as well as tried and tested.

your House cleansing depends on a few things, such as:

Cause and/or reason for requiring a cleansing

Property type and relative size

Time and date Cleansing can take place

You will receive a few things at the end of the cleansing too, like the remainder of Cleansing spray that we will use during the cleansing process.

At least one person is required to be at the property from the start to the end of our cleansing process, to show us in person what they think needs clearing and for our Cleansers to get a better feel and understanding for what needs to be done, and to receive a small blessing to carry the positivity back into the premises. All pets and other persons (besides the one required perso\n) are required to stay outside or go do something during the cleansing.

Please note:

We do not do the following types of cleansings or services.

Removing ghosts or hauntings (please get a priest or someone from your faith or religion to help you with this)

Banishing of demons or the like

Black magic or negativity spells

Curse or spell removal

Actual house cleaning and upkeep (please hire an actual cleaner or person to look after your premises)



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