Protection & Confidence
  • Composition: Sodium Iron Silicate
  • Hardness: 6
  • Colour variety: black, sometime greenish or brownish black
  • Crystallization: prismatic, sometime striated with pointed terminations, fibrous
  • Locations: Greenland, Russia, Canada, RSA, USA
  • Interesting Facts: Commonly found in alkali rich volcanic rocks. Also known as Acmite. Named after the Scandinavian god of the sea, Aegir.


  • Removes negative or stuck energies and reactivates their positive flow.
  • Provides moral strength
  • Dispenses the effect of group pressure
  • Brings acceptance of the self without conformance
  • Stone of confidence & strength
  • There are few stones as effective as Aegerine for breaking the attachment of negative entities to one’s etheric body.


  • Chakra Association: All
  • Astrological Association: Pisces
  • Numerology Association: 5
  • Elemental Association: Fire / Earth